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Party FAQ'S

Can we have more than 8 artists? 

Yes. You can have a total/max of 15 artists for a additional fee.

How soon can we book a party?

Same week, same day parties are based on availability but possible! Just ask :)

How far can we book a party?

You can book a party until December 31st, 2024. 

Is there a deposit to hold my spot for the time and date of the party?

Yes. deposits are $175 and remainder due the day of party based on your total amount of kids that participate. 

Can adults stay? 

Yes! We have a designated lounge and party room where adults can hangout while the crafting is taking place.

What do I need to bring? 

You are welcome to bring any decorations and any kind of food. We do have a fridge/freezer for cooling needs.

When should we arrive for the party? 

One of the wonderful things about a party at Creative Corner is that the set-up is handled for you! You may arrive for the party no more than 30 minutes prior to its scheduled start time. Arriving earlier than 30 minutes prior or staying more than 30 minutes after will result in being charged a studio fee to pay for this extra time.

Should I bring decorations? 

Yes, please we urge you to bring whatever you would like.  You are responsible for hanging of any decorations you choose to bring. There is 2 - 6ft table that need tablecloth for sitting and eating at , 1 - 4ft table for cake and food and wall decor behind the cake. 


Do you provide invitations or should we bring our own?

We do have the option have digital inivations made for $5. Please add this options to your package. 


What is the duration of the party, and how much time is allocated for the art activity?

Parties are 2hours, without set up time of 30 minutes. Crafting time is 1hour and 10 minutes from start time and then on to cake, presents pictures, and cleaning. (you set up , we clean up)

Is there a minimum or maximum duration for parties?

The minimum is 2hours and max is 3 hours - extra fee for any time past 2 hours. 


Can we bring in our own entertainment, such as a clown or magician?

Yes, if you request/ book extra time for it otherwise we would be cutting into the crafting hour.

Is there a designated area for opening presents?

Yes, in our party room.

Can parents participate in the art activities with their children?

Yes if their child needs help, but space is limited.

Do you have a restroom/changing area available for guests?


Is there onsite parking available for guests?


Can we schedule a tour of the studio before booking?


We think birthdays are special. We would be honored and jazzed to celebrate with you & your favorite people!

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